Atlas Missileers Reunion Website


What We Are About

This web site is intended to be a central means of contact for those who served in support of the SM-65 Atlas Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile system.  The intent is to have an Atlas members reunion every two years at a location of interest to those familiar with the Atlas ICBM.  Several Atlas squadrons have held reunions in the past, either a one time event or on a semi-annual basis.  As time passes the size of the reunions have dwindled to the point that many organizations no longer have scheduled reunions.  As an alternative to squadron specific reunions, the operators of this site have suggested that a reunion open to all squadrons and Atlas missile types, including Atlas D, Atlas E and Atlas F squadrons, be held every two years.  This will allow those who wish to continue meeting with their fellow squadron members the option to do so.  Anyone associated with the construction, testing, maintenanace, security and/or support of the Atlas system are also welcome to attend.  If you should have an interest in attending a reunion of this type, you can view further information about the next proposed reunion here.


If you should wish to contact the webmaster for this site, you can do so here.