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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Because of travel and health concerns, there is currently no reunion planned at this time.  The last scheduled reunion was to be held in April of 2020, but that was postponed indefinitely.  You can view current reunion information here.
When another reunion is able to be held, the current plan is to have it in Lincoln and Ashland, Nebraska.  The hotel will be located in Lincoln and a tour of the SAC Museum will be held in Ashland.
Yes.  There are registration fees for the reunion.  There is also tour fees involved for the SAC Museum.  A complete lists of expenses are available in the reunion registration form.  Travel and hotel expenses are in addition to reunion registration fees.
Yes.  If you should need to cancel a registration, simply contact  us and let us know.  All registration fees that have been paid to the reunion organizers will be refunded in the form of a mailed check.